Featured Company: Quick Left.

Quick LeftWe’re excited about them because… Being led by one of the area’s strongest female CEOs, QuickLeft is quickly becoming the standard for the evolution of the dev shop. What other team of sw developers has become so successful that they can actually buy their favorite project management company?

You should attend… To hear their unique tale about how a service business became scalable and grew beyond anything thought possible.

Session Description: This ain’t your grandpa’s code, come listen to programmers of old and new in an epic rap battle about who had it harder, new programmers today or computer software engineers of yesteryear.

Story on Innovation: Quick Left is a software development consultancy that offers companies innovative strategy, design, development and the tools used to illuminate and streamline the process. They help clients solve software problems faster by combining a unique approach to “craft” development; a commitment to the open web technologies; and sprintly, through thier house-made project management platform.


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