Feature Company: Surna.

SurnaWe’re excited about them because… the legalized marijuana industry is a new one, and Surna is helping to shape the industry and setting the groundwork before a lot of the major players come in.

You should go see them because… Surna is a company where tech meets cannabis, and Tom Bollich is the cofounder of Zynga. You all remember Farmville, right?

Session Description: Tom Bollich, CEO, will talk about the need for new technology within the cannabis industry, which will allow growers to increase their yield and lower production costs. Without technological advances, supply will never be able to meet the growing demand.

Story on Innovation: With a focus on disruptive technology and equipment for the legal cannabis industry, Surna is revolutionizing the way people grow. Our climate control system provides a more affordable and efficient way to cool indoor gardens by rethinking existing technology.


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